7 New Tools Making Recruiters More Productive Now

This article reveals seven opportunities recruiters are using now to add more value to their clients and candidates and make more placements with less effort. Using simple technologies like video and new sourcing tools, top recruiters are getting more productive.

Each opportunity is presented in the context of a typical recruiting process.


New Job Order Intake

Job order intake is where recruiters have the first call with the hiring manager. We need to cull out the real search criteria that will help us, source candidates. We also need to know the top end of the salary range, work authorization status, and work setting (remote, on-prem, hybrid.)

1. Opportunity: During the job order intake call, ask the hiring manager about their interview process. Ask them about the interview skills of the interviewers, how they’re coordinating interview questions across the team, documenting candidate evaluations, and how the interview team makes the hiring decision. Offer the hiring manager a hiring best practices guide used by top employers. Selecting Excellence is an example of a data-centric hiring process. Click here for a download. https://tinyurl.com/3br4a7s9


Sourcing Candidates

Recruiters typically use several methods for finding candidates from manual intensive techniques to highly automated ones.

2. Opportunity: Automate sourcing by using AI-powered sourcing tools that search across multiple career sites, LinkedIn, GitHub, and industry-specific portals. These sourcing tools also include e-mailing functionality so you can contact hundreds of target candidates automatically. These tools are widely available. Be certain to test drive a few before committing to the best one for you.


Screening Candidates

Various levels of screening are performed by recruiters. The worst recruiters do no screening at all. The best recruiters thoroughly screen candidates on the key candidate experiences and characteristics most important to the hiring manager.

3. Opportunity: Enhance candidate screening by using video Q&A, automated chatbots, and audio recordings of the recruiter questioning each candidate. These tools are also widely available. Be certain to test drive a few before committing to the best one for you and the types (levels) of candidates you place.


Submit Candidates

Most recruiters submit candidates either by e-mailing the candidate’s resume or by entering the candidate into the employer’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

4. Opportunity: Standardize the presentation of your candidates by using an e-mail template, or custom landing page for the candidate, that presents the key candidate information and audio/video recording of their responses to your screening questions.


Interview Prep Candidates

Coaching candidates before the interview is the most impactful and overlooked opportunity to increase recruiting productivity and placement revenue. Below are three frequently used interview prepping methods listed from most effective to least effective.

5. Opportunities:

1. Video e-learning app: Interview Mastery for Recruiters https://www.interviewmastery.com/store/nyz3W96U

2. Pre-Interview Checklist: Download this example https://tinyurl.com/y9f8f4x9

3. 30-minute Coaching (phone or Zoom): This method is time-consuming and the least effective to improve your candidate’s interview skills.


Offer Acceptance

The recruiter’s journey to fill a position is far from complete when an offer is presented. If the candidate does not accept the offer, you have to restart your recruiting efforts.

6. Opportunity: Send your candidate a video illustrating simple ways to answer their 3 key questions; “Is this the right job, the right time, and the right compensation?” Here is an example of a video that is included in Interview Mastery for Recruiters. https://tinyurl.com/mwwe3f49


First 90-Day Plan

Your candidate’s first 90 days on the new job are critical for their long-term success and reputation in their new role. 90 days is also a typical fee guarantee period.

7. Opportunity: Coach your candidate on how to create a list of tasks they will perform during their first 90-days to help them get up to speed quickly. Review the list with them, give them examples, then suggest they share the “first 90-day plan” with their new manager during the candidate’s first couple of days in their new position. You might also create a short video instructing your candidate on how to create a “First 90-Day Plan” including a downloadable sample.


7 More Secrets Revealed

Click or go to the following URL for 7 additional ways recruiters are adding new value to clients, enhancing relationships, and placing more candidates https://tinyurl.com/2p8zc3b6




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