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We Transform Hiring Into A Prosperous And Joyful Process For Recruiters, Job Seekers, and Hiring Teams.


We help RECRUITERS, JOB SEEKERS, CAREER COACHES, and HIRING TEAMS to improve their careers, hire the best teams, and increase their income.

"Interviews Are The Most Financially Risky Events Of Your Career"

Every interview profoundly affects the prosperity and success you achieve in your life.

~ RECRUITERS: Your candidates' interview skills determine your placements and income.

~ JOB SEEKERS: Your interview skills determine the financial health of you and your family.

~ HIRING MANAGERS: Your hiring skill affects your career growth and compensation.

Who We Serve

Job interviews determine the quality of income and career for every stakeholder.
The outcome of interviews determine the recruiter's income, the job seekers career, and the hiring manager's advancement. Our VIDEO-BASED APPS, 1-ON-1 INTERVIEW COACHING, and CORPORATE CONSULTING dramatically improve the hiring experience for every participant.


INTERVIEW MASTERYTM For Recruiters and Their Candidates is three integrated e-learning apps with video libraries that recruiters share with their candidates. Step-by-step videos guide your candidates through the interview and hiring process so you:

  • Increase PLACEMENTS and INCOME
  • Increase CONTROL of your business
  • Deepen Client and Candidate RELATIONSHIPS
  • REDUCED RISK of Losing Placements
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Job Seekers

INTERVIEW MASTERYTM For Job Seekers is an integrated online video library that guides you step-by-step through the entire interview and hiring process so you win a new job much sooner and with greater CONFIDENCE.

  • Feel increased CONFIDENCE and CONTROL throughout the hiring process
  • CONFIDENTLY and PERSUASIVELY talk about your talents using a simple formula
  • Get on-demand coaching through integrated videos on any device
  • INTERVIEW COACHING For Mid-Career & Senior Executives is available for those professionals who require the highest level of preparedness and confidence to advance their careers.
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Hiring Teams

SELECTING EXCELLENCE TM is our online training app combined with LIVE SUPPORT for hiring teams that guides your hiring teams step-by-step so you CONSISTENTLY and CONFIDENTLY hire top performers 47% FASTER.

  • Increase hiring SPEED and QUALITY
  • Reduce bad-hire and legal RISKS

BUSINESS AND HIRING PROCESS CONSULTING for business and talent acquisition leaders who want to optimize critical business functions that include people, processes, and systems.

Selecting Excellence Video Demo Business Process Consulting Details

How We Serve You

We offer a combination of video-based apps, live coaching, and business consulting. We offer three (3) types of products / services so you get the results and performance you desire.

Mobile And Desktop Video-Based Training Apps

Get the job interview answers and coaching you need simply by logging into Interview Mastery apps. Our video courses guide you with detailed guidance. Get the CONFIDENCE and answers you need anywhere, any time.

Interview Coaching For Mid-Career And Senior Executives

Mid-career and senior level executives use our private interview coaching and interview practice sessions to ensure you're at your very best when it matters the most to your career and your livelihood.

Process Improvement Consulting For Business & Hiring Workflows

We deliver talent acquisition workflow consulting, business process optimization services, and strategy formulation to corporation from start-ups to international Fortune 100 organizations.

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56,000 Customers

Thousands of customers use our solutions. Recruiters place more candidates,  job seekers win jobs quicker, companies hire better and faster.

75 Countries

Customers in 75 countries have used our solutions to enhance their careers, increase their income, and grow their organizations.

20+ Industries

Our programs and apps are used by recruiters, job seekers, and companies in most major industries in the world.

Admin. To CEOs

Our solutions are used for positions at all organizational levels, from administrative and technical roles to CxOs.

Get Immediate Answers And Live Support On Any Device

RECRUITERS: Recruiters use the Interview Mastery app to increase each candidate's interview performance, increase client engagement, save 100s of hours, and increase placement revenue.

JOB SEEKERS: Job seekers use our Interview Mastery app to get step-by-step video guidance on how to thrive and win throughout the entire hiring process.

HIRING TEAMS: Hiring managers, interviewers, HR, and internal recruiters use our "Selecting Excellence" video app to guide them step-by-step to use a data-centric hiring method so they hire the best people much faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers for recruiters, job seekers, and hiring teams. If you don't find the answers you need please e-mail me at [email protected]

Interview MasteryTM is a family of programs, each intended for a specific type of stakeholder in the hiring process. Each program is priced as a monthly subscription.

  • There is a program for recruiters that they provide to their candidates.
  • There’s another program for job seekers.
  • There is a program for hiring teams.
  • Interview coaching is offered for mid-career and senior executives.
  • Talent acquisition process improvement and strategy consulting is also available.

Recruiters subscribe monthly. Recruiters share login information with their candidates to enhance the interview coaching they provide to their candidates. This greatly enhances candidate engagement.

Recruiters use Interview Mastery to increase placements and save time every month.

Click here to learn more and see a video demo of Interview Mastery For Recruiters.

Interview Mastery guides job seekers step-by-step through the entire interviewing journey so you can confidently win a new position faster.

  • Log in from any device, where you access an integrated and comprehensive library of short videos (average duration is 7 minutes) that give you research backed interview tips.
  • Each video gives you research based techniques that have worked for 56,000 users from 75 countries.
  • You self-navigate to the videos that are the most important to you.
  • Downloads, quick reference guides and checklists are also included to guide you step-by-step through your interviews so you are your best confident self, and you win a terrific new job rapidly.

Click Here to learn more and see a video demo of Interview Mastery for Job Seekers.

There is no contract to sign or long term commitment. Your paid subscription is month to month and will automatically renew unless you cancel.  You can cancel anytime directly from your account.

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Interview Mastery and Selecting Excellence programs were launched during the economic recessions of the 1990s and have been constantly enhanced to solve today's job market realities. Now Interview Mastery is multiple products used by 56,000 customers in 75 countries. Interview Mastery has evolved into video-based programs that gives you the collective wisdom from thousands of customers.

Our team includes content experts and a technology team that ensures our programs are the best they can be and always available on any device.

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