"Job interviews  impact the career and income of everyone involved."

My team and I are dedicated to transforming interviews into prosperous, joyful, and productive experiences for recruiters, job seekers, coaches, and hiring teams.

Best Regards,

~Michael Neece, CEO

"Each job interview profoundly impacts the income and career advancement of everyone involved."

My team and I are dedicated to transforming interviews into prosperous, joyful, and productive experiences.

Best Regards,

~Michael Neece, CEO

About Us

Interview Mastery®  and Selecting ExcellenceTM were launched and refined during periods of strong economic growth and recessions, so you can confidently be at your best during every phase of the interview process. Each program has been constantly improved to solve the challenges of today's job market realities. 

The programs are unconditionally guaranteed.

We started with live seminars which led to the publication of a book, and an audio series carried by national book distributors. As technologies advanced we created a software then a video version of our programs. Today Interview Mastery leverages modern technologies (like video and cloud computing) to give you the skills you require rapidly and keep pace with the latest hiring trends.

Now Interview Mastery the most widely used job interview program used by professionals 56,000 professionals in 75 countries.
With thousands of users, Interview Mastery has become video-based programs and apps that encapsulated the collective wisdom from thousands of customers, recruiters, and employers.

Our team includes content experts and a technology team that ensures our programs are the best they can be and always available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Best Regards,

Michael R. Neece, CEO


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About The Founder

Michael is founder of 7 companies including Direct-2-Consumer, B2B, and B2C investor-funded start-ups with thousands of customers in 120 countries. His companies developed and delivered solutions to 20 major industries.

Michael’s a TEDx speaker who’s appeared on or contributed to NBC, ABC, CBS, Financial Times of London, Bloomberg Radio, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the NY Times.

Neece also co-authored a congressional resolution approved by the USA Congress. Michael is an angel investor and also a member of the Tech Advisors Network at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) where he helps startups advance from concept to commercialization.

He has three grown children and is an instrument-rated pilot who loves seaplanes.