Productivity & Control, At Scale

We help business leaders transform business processes, people, and systems into
high performing operations.

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~Michael Neece, CEO

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Productivity & Control, At Scale

We help business leaders transform business processes, people, and systems into
high performing operations.

Best Regards

~Michael Neece, CEO

Your People, Processes, And Systems All Integrated And Optimized

To assist you with improving organizational performance, our team includes expertise in process improvement, system design, organizational realignment, project & change management, with deep domain expertise in hiring workflows.



  • Organizationally align people, business priorities and needed competencies
  • Create and leverage competency models for selecting and deploying talent


  • Data-centric, automated, optimized and customized business processes
  • Roadmaps guide process improvements, system selection, and ensure implementation success


  • Systems configured for your unique processes
  • Repetitive tasks automated, customer and employee engagement increased, and real-time dashboards

How We Serve You

We Offer Three Categories Of Services So You Can Achieve Higher Levels Of Business Efficiency

Consulting: Business & Hiring Process & Systems Improvement

Process improvement and system integration consulting helps organizations increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Video-Based Training App: Hiring Process Training On Any Device

Video based training guides hiring teams to hire the best talent using a data-centric process developed and tested at multiple companies.

Custom App: Video Training App Design & Hosting

Custom video-based training apps can be rapidly designed and deployed across your firm to solve specific skill development initiatives.

Past Performance Examples

Below are samples of the diverse work and industries where we've worked.

Division-wide Talent Acquisition Optimization

For this international software and systems company; working with HR, talent acquisition (TA), and engineering leaders we helped transform an under-performing recruiting team into a high performing organization. Results included:

  • Optimized talent acquisition processes that increased the speed and quality of hiring, reduced errors, reduced costs, and improved reporting
  • Implemented a new recruiting system configured for unique hiring processes

Built New TA Function: People, Processes, Systems, And "Balanced Scorecard"

For this financial services and investment firm; working with TA, HR, and board of investment leaders at Fidelity Investments' fastest-growing business unit, we built the TA function included people, processes, and recruiting systems that fueled business unit growth. Results included:

  • Formulated “Balanced Business Scorecard for TA”
  • Reduced recruiting costs 20% for the hiring of 1,200 people per year
  • Implemented a new interviewing process titled “Selecting Excellence”
  • Re-energized diversity hiring initiative involving EVP and board-level executives

Productivity Acceleration: Joint App Dev. (JAD) Sessions And Business Process Optimization

For this $1.7B healthcare data analytics division of United Healthcare; working with Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Optum, and his team, we rapidly mapped and optimized the 12 core business processes that orchestrate critical workflows and client deliverables. We facilitated multiple Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions to quickly define cors functionality for a new system to run the division.

  • The result was a new level of operational productivity, new automation system selection, and increased business unit performance with management controls.
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