Interview Coaching And Practice For Mid- to C-Level Executives

I work with mid-career to C-level executives to ensure you CONFIDENTLY perform at your best during each interview, so you advancement your career, your income, and quality of life.

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~Michael Neece, CEO

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Interview Coaching And Practice For Mid- to C-Level Executives

I work mid-career to C-level executives to ensure you CONFIDENTLY perform at your best during each interview, that determines your career advancement, your income, and quality of life.

Best Regards,

~Michael Neece, CEO

Three Ways To Be Confident & Exceptional On Interviews

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Interview Coaching

Interview coaching with Michael Neece is provided on an hourly basis so you get the answers and coaching you need, when you need it. This is a perfect addition to Interview Mastery for Job Seekers. ....................................

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Practice Interview Program

Practice interviews program simulates the real thing. Interviews are customized for your background and position you're interviewing for. This program involves 3 parts (1.Planning) (2.Practice Interview) (3.Review & More Practice).

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Here are some of the thousand testimonials we've received from mid-career to senior level executives.

Josef, CIO & SVP Technology

Michael is a masterful serial entrepreneur and interview coach, having developed several innovative digital products. Interview Mastery is one example, and absolutely amazing! Michael has digitized 30 years of experience in the hiring space into a scalable digital solution. Whether you are a hiring manager, a recruiter, or a senior executive, Michael will help you in a cost-effective way. With bite-sized video training modules, useful coaching, and well-placed encouragement and motivation, It's like having a personal coach in your pocket.

Demetra, CEO / COO

I have known Michael Neece and have used his Interview Mastery coaching and video program. His services are exceptional. They're a must for anyone preparing to interview for a new position, especially senior professionals. Michael's background as a business executive, fresh perspective, and his passion for helping his clients are gifts from which you benefit. I could go on, but you owe it to yourself to invest in his programs and/or coaching. You'll feel and approach every interview with more confidence than you've ever felt.

Marcus, Solutions Architect

Thanks for your amazing product. I have over 6 years experience in my profession. After several months of trying to get a job within the profession without success, I came across your product. To my great delight, the first interview I attended after a thorough preparation using your 'Interview Mastery' templates was the last that delivered my dream job to me.

Valerie, SVP Sales

I've been successful in sales for 20 years and felt I didn't need a program like Interview Mastery or coaching.  But a "botched interview" was too risky. I purchased your program and used your strategies during an interview this morning...  â€ĻI was better prepared, asked better questions, kept all my answers to 90 seconds, and followed each answer with a question. You were absolutely right. The conversation flowed seamlessly and was much more natural.  Great product and programs !!! I'll certainly recommend it to my friends! 

Ben, Program Manager

I got the job!"Interview Mastery" was a tremendous help. It gave me the confidence to handle each interview question and situation. I thought I did not need a program like this, but after several lost opportunities, that I really wanted and was qualified for, I tried Interview Mastery. The program works beautifully designed and delivers the results as promised.

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