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Best Questions To Ask In An Interview-For Employers and Recruiters


Best Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

By Michael R. Neece, CEO,


This article gives hiring teams, interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers the best questions to ask in an interview to evaluate candidates. 

Every hour of every business day in the USA, 2.7 million job interviews take place, and interviewers continue to make the same mistakes by asking common interview questions.


Job interviewers are critical business meetings where interviewers must gather information to predict the future job performance of a stranger that they’ve meet with for 45 minutes. Hiring is the only business process that tolerates bad hires and making a hiring decision based on intuition.




Best Job Interview Questions To Ask Candidates To Assess Talents And FIT

Recruiters and interviewers assess candidates for the demands of specific positions and team fit. This post gives recruiters and hiring teams the best interview questions to ask candidates during an interview. Try using these questions whether you use video interviews, phone interviews, or in-person interviews.

The job of the full life cycle recruiter (corporate or agency) is to:

  • Recruit the right candidates
  • Ask the candidates’ compensation requirements
  • Ask interview questions to assess talents
  • Ask interview questions evaluate organizational fit

The importance of the questions you ask can not be understated.

The first job interview question to ask candidates that we’ll discuss is how to evaluate team...


10 Ways Behavioral and STAR Interviews Fail To Select Top Talent

by Michael R. Neece, CEO

Behavioral Event Interviews (BEI) and STAR interviews are widely believed to be the best interview format to identify top talent for a specific job. In practice, BEI questions often screen out top talent. This article reveals ten (10) ways behavioral interviews fail to select the best candidates.

  1. BEI Questions Alone: Interviewers falsely believe that just asking BEI questions makes them skilled at gathering evidence and accurately assessing candidate talents.
  2. The Wrong Questions: Most interviewers are unskilled and unprepared to ask the right BEI questions and follow initial questions with a structured probing sequence.
  3. Technical Interviews: Behavioral questions are widely misused for...

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