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4 Keys To Looking Fabulous On Video


This video reveals the four keys to looking professional and fabulous on any job interview or business meeting.


Secret Job Interview, Company Research Technique


This video gives you a secret company research technique you can use before every job interview so you impress every interviewer. The research you do before every interview is equally as important as what you do during each interview. If fact, the research is key to you being successful during each job interview.

This job search video reveals a technique I used as a corporate strategy consultant to rapidly learn about the key issues facing a corporation. 

In this video, I show you the simple steps to research a company that gives you an unfair competitive advantage.


Closing With Integrity: Tools Of Influence For Recruiters


By Michael R. Neece, CEO,

Your candidate is getting an offer from your best employer. You’ve done a great job conducting this recruiting effort, but you could still lose if your candidate does not accept the offer.

Old closing methods of intellectually weighing pros and cons have limited effectiveness. This decision is emotional and stressful for candidates, financially significant for you, and important to the employer who expects you to get a “yes.” Here are several “Tools of Influence” so you close with integrity and make more placements.

Each technique has a diagram you draw to communicate clearly. Each diagram leads to the next one. You can use each diagram individually or...

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