Best Questions To Ask In An Interview (For Job Seekers)

Best questions for job seekers to ask employers during interviews

By Michael R. Neece, CEO,


This article gives job seekers the best questions to ask in an interview for a job. These job interview questions and answers have been used and proven to be effective by thousands of job seekers who have won their dream jobs using these unique interview questions to ask employers and interviewers.


Interviewers ask common interview questions, but these job interview questions are for you to ask interviewers. These questions to ask during an interview will impress your interviewers and influence the positive outcome of every job interview. The value of these good questions to ask in an interview cannot be overstated.


Your next job interviews are the most financially important moment of your career and your life. Before your next interview, practice saying each of these questions to ask in an interview.


Your weaknesses for job interviews will come from your lack of preparation. To feel solid confidence and win job offers the first step is to prepare. One of the best ways to prepare for an interview is to start with the following list of the best job interview questions to ask employers.


At the start (the “opening” phase) of each job interview ask the interviewer one of the following questions:

  • What are the key skills required to be successful in this position?
  • Which of my experiences would you like to learn more about?


Your strategy at the start of the interview is to learn “What’s most important to this interviewer.” Knowing this will keep you focused on those parts of your experience most applicable to each interviewer.


At the end (the “closing” phase) of each interview, ask the interviewer the following three questions:

  1. What strengths do you feel I bring to this position?
  2. What concerns do you have about my background?
  3. How do you feel I fit with the team?


The reason you ask these questions at the end is to make certain you have done a good job communicating your experience. Asking good interview questions at the end checks the accuracy of the interviewers’ opinions about your talents.


If you only have time to ask one question at the end of the meeting, ask question #2

  • “What concerns do you have about my background?”

With this question, you want to flush out any misperceptions about your skills and get the chance to overcome any assumed weaknesses.


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