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""Selecting Excellence" enabled us to hire 100 product development engineers 47% faster, develop a new product 6 months ahead of schedule and achieve $100M of new revenue."

Jameson S.
Chief Product Officer

"We implemented "Selecting Excellence" for the hiring of senior level executives in 26 business units globally. The process enables us to hire the very best leaders with greater speed and certainty."

David Z.
Global Dir. Talent Acq.

"We're a small tech firm. Our development & marketing teams must be exceptional to fuel our growth. We implemented "Selecting Excellence to make our hiring method much better & 47% faster."

Cheryl B.
Product Director, Tech Startup

""Selecting Excellence" is a simple business process that's easy to implement & sustain.  We've used it for 10 years to hire many levels of healthcare employees. It's part of our core business processes. Our people love it.""

Tracey M.
SVP HR, Healthcare

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