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Turn Your Job Interviews Into Job Offers
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Interview Mastery 2.0 gives you the following tools:
- SOFTWARE: Interactive software runs on your computer
- TEMPLATES: Question responses, articles, worksheets
- PODCASTS & MP3s: 52 audio downloads: Listen from anywhere

Learn proven, research-based strategies to feel more confident and secure a great job offer.

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Before The Interview
Preparing yourself intellectually
Preparing yourself emotionally
What to bring and what to wear
Interviewer’s hidden agenda
Your 4 key objectives
Handling phone screens

During The Interview
First 5 minutes of every interview
Middle phase of the interview
Benefits of hiring you
Communicating clearly
Overcome your weaknesses
Concluding each interview
Building rapport with interviewers
Handling salary questions
Different types of interviews
Questions you should ask
Avoiding talking too much
Handling illegal questions
Mealtime interviews

Frequently Asked Questions
Interview question strategies
Tell me about yourself
What are your strengths
What are your weaknesses
Your biggest accomplishment
Your biggest failure
Why should I hire you
Working alone or in team
Describe yourself in 3 words
Tell me about your current boss

Additional Topics
Following up after the interview
2nd and 3rd interviews
Interviewer secrets
Qualities of skilled interviewers
Preparing your references
Background checks
You're Overqualified
Giving a presentation
Handling “no”

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Interview Mastery is the first and only product of its kind. It's used worldwide in over 70 countries.

Acing the interview is your ace in the hole!

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